Workshop Options

Workshop title: "A Tisket A Tasket, Learn To Weave A Basket"

Instructor: Kathy Schroeder

Workshop description:
Participants will learn about a variety of basket weaving processes and then design and weave a rigid (wood) handle market basket (approx. 14”x11”x16”).  A variety of reeds and colors will be available.  Techniques will be demonstrated for lacing and adding design elements to the basket.  If time permits, participants may choose to learn to make a continuous weave berry basket (approx. 8”x6”x6”), and/or a round door hanger basket (approx. 9”x4”x5”).

Participant #:  15
Additional Participant Cost:  $25
Additional Participant Materials: 
One pair “Adult” 7” or 8” scissors or garden shears for cutting reeds
2 dozen wooden clothes pins
1 plastic chore bucket (approx. 2 gallon size)
1-2 old hand towels or a bath towel cut in half
Tape measure or 12” plastic ruler
Pencil for marking reeds

Workshop title:  “Exploring the Batik Process. Creating Beautiful Works with Fabric, Wax, and Dye”

Instructor: Donna Roberts

Workshop description:
Participants will create an original batik from an image that they bring with them.  We can work on two so that while one was drying they can be working on the other one.  The waxing and dying process will be explored as well as methods for enhancing the image.

Participant #:  15
Additional Participant Cost:  $10

Additional Participant Materials:  Some images to create a detailed batik.

Workshop title:  “Dynamic Cardboard Relief Sculptures”

Instructor: Katie Morris

Workshop description:
Come create your own "out of the box" relief sculpture! What art teacher doesn't love projects made from easily accessible recycled materials? During this workshop, participants will turn 2D materials into 3D design while exploring hands-on construction. You will learn about techniques for working with the cardboard, different options for finishing the sculptures, and tips for sharing it with students of all ages.  This is a great workshop for any teacher K-12.

Participant #:  20
Additional Participant Cost:  $10
Additional Participant Materials:  Optional sketchbooks

Workshop title:  “Drypoint Etching”

Instructor: Greg Schieszer

Workshop description:
This workshop will explore the etching process using plexiglass plates and water-based ink.  Participants will get a brief introduction to the history of the process and then develop a composition to etch, ink and print.  Each participant will leave with a small edition of 3 to 5 prints.  Proper matting techniques will also be demonstrated.

Participant #:  15-20

Additional Participant Cost:  $15
Additional Participant Materials:  Nothing

Workshop title:  “Chapeau de laine”

Instructors: Susan DeWit & Nancy Squire

Workshop description:
Learn how to teach your students to felt a hat over a balloon.  Participants will apply very creative embellishments, felted and stitched.  Lastly, participants will create a non-dangerous but very interesting hatpin to go with the hat. 
On Friday, there will be a lecture/powerpoint presentation to explain the entire process.  Then, the students will felt on balloon forms.  While the hat form is drying, students will design and create the embellishments made from felted bits, beads, feathers, yarns, netting (from their personal stash) to go on their hat.  On Saturday, the students will then apply selected embellishments and create their hatpin.

Participant #:  15

Additional Participant Cost:  $10
Additional Participant Materials:  Good working scissors, old towel, apron and personal embellishments that they want to use, a grocery bag to take the hat home.

Workshop title:  “New Creative Ways to Make and Use Gelli Arts Monoprints—2-D and 3-D”

Instructor: Linda Morgan

Workshop description:
Monoprinting on a Gelli Arts Printing Plate is simple and fun!  The Gelli Arts Plate looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature.  Many of you may have tried Gelli Arts Plates in the past—you may even have one!  Attend this workshop to learn new ways to use Gelli Arts Plates.  During this workshop we will explore monoprinting on different surfaces such as fiber, tyvek, cardboard and more!  After creating the monoprints, we will create a variety of 2-D and 3-D projects!  Come join the fun!  All participants will receive a Gelli plate to take home at the end of the workshop.

Participant #:  20

Additional Participant Cost:  $5
Additional Participant Materials:  If participants have a heat gun, they could bring one—they do not have to purchase one.  I will have one that they can share.

Workshop title:  “Light, Ignite, Sparks with Sculpture!”

Instructor: Cal Mahin
Workshop description:
1. Assemblage—Collage Sculpture
            “A Story of Your Life”
Materials you will need to bring:  Photos of yourself, black and white and color.  4”x6” and smaller.  Small items (stuff) from your past to present.  Other materials will be provided.
See Example #1
2. Abstract 3-D Line Sculpture
            Emphasis on line, shape and form.
            Media:  Wood
            All materials will be provided.
            See Example #2
3. Caricature Sculpture
            Media:  Mixed
            Materials will be provided for some parts of this project.
            See Example #3

Your “BACKPACK STUDIO” will be required for the three sculptures.

The workshop will include hand-form books (for the handouts), folded boxes to hold good stuff!

Participant #:  15

Additional Participant Cost:  $7.50
Additional Participant Materials:  The “Backpack Studio”

Workshop title:  “Plein Air Pastel”

Instructors: Lynn Felts & Martha Fitzwater

Workshop description:
Participants will create a beautiful pastel landscape in the open air.  Participants will learn composition techniques, pastel techniques, and finishing techniques.  The result will be a matted pastel.  Some participants may create more than one finished piece.

Participant #:  15

Additional Participant Cost:  $10
Additional Participant Materials:  Easily carried chair or camp stool and baby wipes.  
Optional materials:
NuPastels (48) or the pastels that you normally use
Charcoal Pencils—white, black, compressed charcoal
Pencil top erasers/pencils
Pastel pencils
Pastel Paper—preferably Canson Mi-Teines

Workshop title:  “Pets are People, too:  Composing a Portrait in Clay”

Instructor: Brenda Jones

Workshop description:
Participants will create an animal portrait in clay. There will be a focus on animals taking on human attitudes or characteristics. The workshop will start with an introduction to artists who have given animals human attributes. This includes examples from medieval bestiaries or manuscripts to contemporary work from such sculptors as Beth Cavener, Marie Gibbons,  and Sara Swink. An interactive discussion of the relevance of animals in contemporary art will take place as well as providing examples of how this fits in with art curriculum for high school students ranging from special needs students to Advanced Placement students. Following this, we will do some quick collage work and sketching to encourage creative thinking around animals and formalize a direction for the clay sculpture. A demonstration of how to form an animal trophy head with human characteristics using low fire, white earthenware will be given and participants will create their own animal sculpture. We will look at various surface treatments including addition of texture, mishima, and layered underglazes. If needed, we will discuss various firing temperatures and processes. An initial underglaze will be applied to work. Finished examples will be provided and a demonstration of final finishes will be given. Participants will take home their own leatherhard piece to be low fired and finished on their own.  This workshop is for all levels and abilities. Content gained from the workshop is relevant to all levels of art teaching as well.

Participant #:  10

Additional Participant Cost:  $25
Additional Participant Materials:  Pictures of a favorite animal or pet, any favorite clay sculpting tools (not required—but, if you have them), personal sketchbook, pencil/markers

Workshop title:  “Stone Carving Introduction”

Instructor: Beth Vannatta

Workshop description:
Basic stone carving requires a hammer, a flat chisel and a point.  There are many other tools you can use, but these are all one needs to finish a first sculpture.  I will provide these and additional tools but if participants have tools of their own, they are welcome to bring them.
I will provide a variety of pieces of Silverdale limestone, a soft, fairly consistent stone easy for the beginner to carve.  I will also bring a number of books on carving as references.
Carvers should bring eye protection and gloves if needed.  Stone dust is messy, dress accordingly.
Come with a basic idea for your sculpture.  Plan to carve a 3-D piece.  Low relief or lettering do not allow full exploration of the process.  Stone is a massive material.  Think solid/powerful, not delicate/fragile.  But, do not think static/stiff, as with much Egyptian sculpture.  Think instead:  turning, moving, active, alive—twist of the back, a tilt of the head, a lifted shoulder, a crouching figure.  Movement denotes life!
I do not promise that everyone will finish their sculptures during the workshop, but all should be far enough along to feel confident about finishing on their own.

Participant #:  10

Additional Participant Cost:  $10
Additional Participant Materials:  Eye protection and Gloves


Workshop title:  “The Many Sides of Printmaking.”

Instructor: Kris Bakke/Nasco

Workshop description:
Nasco printmaking K-12:  Come learn several ways to use printmaking in the classroom.  Gain an understanding of the printing process by creating prints using Nasco Monoprint Pads, Safety-Kut, the safe and easy alternative to linoleum, and other materials to design and create your own prints.

Participant #:  20

Additional Participant Cost:  $0
Additional Participant Materials:  nothing

Workshop title:  “Creating Heroes in the Classroom:  Finding the Hero Within While Discovering the Hero in Others.”

Instructor: Brad LeDuc

Workshop description:
This workshop will prepare educators to implement cross-curricular projects that build character while teaching students the power they have to create positive change in the world through art.

Participants will learn about The ArtEffect Project which uses an innovative project-based learning approach and the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes (LMC), which works with students and educators to discover and creatively communicate the stories of role models from history who took extraordinary actions to benefit others and have yet to be recognized. The ArtEffect Project and its international student art competition ($7,500 grand prize) carries out this mission by giving students the opportunity to generate unique, creative interpretations that honor the legacies of Unsung Heroes in an array of artistic media. By celebrating Unsung Heroes who demonstrate tremendous courage, compassion, and conviction, the LMC aims to inspire today’s young people to follow their examples.

Representing a truly holistic, student-led, and cross-curricular process, the Project enables art students to interact with countless subject matters and personally engage with meaningful character-building lessons. Transcending the art classroom walls, students become responsible for sharing an untold story with the world, inspiring both their inner hero and others. In addition to generous cash prizes, winning art projects are displayed at LMC’s state-of-the-art Hall of Unsung Heroes in Fort Scott, Kansas.

My workshop will introduce audiences to The ArtEffect Project and the power of Unsung Heroes in the classroom. After sharing some of my personal experiences, I will outline how educators can guide their students through this life-changing project using a 10 step art lesson plan (which fulfills State/National Art Standards). The Project is truly unrivaled in its ability to advance students’ technical and visual storytelling skills while developing their understanding of the positive impact they can create in the world through actions that improve the lives of others.

Participants will receive a hardcopy of the art lesson plan and later create their own work of art during the hands-on portion of the workshop by interpreting an Unsung Hero’s story. Art teachers will leave the conference not only prepared to walk in and facilitate the Project in their classroom, but will also have developed their own project they can use as an example/resource for their students.

Participant #:  20

Additional Participant Cost:  $0
Additional Participant Materials:  Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite art making materials/tools from home such as brushes, paint, etc.  The artmaking portion of the workshop will be individualized to best suit the materials/tools each participant is most comfortable working with.  Supplies will also be available on sight however.